Sept 4th

Arrive In Beautiful Johannesburg, South Africa

Once you arrive to your room on September 4th, you will be greeted by the Villa Staff, and enter your room to a special gift bag and relaxation supplies.

Sept 4th

Rooftop Opening Night Dinner

The opening night of the Retreat will consists of an explanation of the 5 days, and intimate, chef curated rooftop dinner and an intro from each guest. We will set our intentions for the retreat and seal it with a champagne toast.

Sept 5th

All-Day Mastermind & Business Coaching Session

Hey! This is my birthday, but we will be deeply immersed in work. This day will kick off with breakfast in the private gardens with the sounds of the coy pond at the main house. Then we will walk back to our private villa. Weather permitting, we will start our sessions off outside, sitting on the patio, drink in hand and notebook in the other hand. This is our first business training day. This day will consist of group masterminding, brainstorming and intense business coaching lead by me, your global business strategist. Our lunch will be served while working and then we will get dressed and dine privately at a very special restaurant.

Sept 6th

Yoga & Safari Excursion

We will kick off this morning with a light Instructor Guided Yoga and Stretching Session and afterwards-have breakfast. Then, we will get dressed to go on our Safari Excursion!! the Safari includes a stop for lunch. We will return to our private villa to rest, shower and change and then we will head to our ALL White Global Power Tour VIP Night. After the champagne, laughs and conversation of VIP Night... everyone will want to rest up for the conference the next day. 

Sept 7th

Global Power Tour Conference Day

YAY. This is the Global Power Tour Conference Day! We will start this day with breakfast at the main house, then head on to another space to experience the conference. This is where you will have a chance to meet local South African conference attendees and vendors. You will enjoy a full day of conference, connecting, lunch and business lessons. We will leave the conference, head back to our villa, you will have time to take a professional photo with our photographer, then, we will have dinner and end the day with a champagne toast!

Sept 8th

Spa & Swimming Day

Ahhhhh a relaxing day! This day starts with breakfast, then we will head over to the spa for our services. Your ticket includes a spa service at one of the TOP spas in ALL of Johannesburg. I've visited this spa twice and they NEVER let me down! We will have lunch on the town, then return back to our private villa for dips into the heated pool, connecting on the patio, nibbling of food, champagne and downtime. 

Sept 9th

Goodbye Johannesburg

Sadly, this is the day that everyone will check out and leave Johannesburg. We will start the day with breakfast, say our goodbyes, air smooches and each of you will head to the airport.