Global Power Tour Retreat



Global Power Tour Retreat Johannesburg, South Africa

The Global Power Tour Retreat will be hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa from September 4-9th, 2019

This is a Retreat is an intense business mastermind within a luxurious environment with included activities to help you relax, experience the best of Johannesburg while experiencing an overall mindset shift and connecting with like-minded women entrepreneurs.

Your Roundtrip Flight to Johannesburg is NOT INCLUDED!!


  • 5-Star Luxury Accommodations

  • All Food, Champagne and Beverages

  • A Lush Gift-Bag with Hand-Selected Surprises!

  • Opening Night Private Chef Curated Rooftop Deck Dinner

  • A Daily Refreshed Coffee, Wine, and Juice Bar

  • A Spa Service from One of the TOP Spas in Johannesburg

  • Group Yoga & Stretching Session

  • Guided Safari Excursion and Tour

  • A Full Day of Group Masterminding, Brainstorming & Guided Business Coaching Plus

  • A VIP Ticket to Global Power Tour Johannesburg (a $299 Value)

  • A High-Resolution Headshot and Full-body Photo Session

  • A Digital Retreat Guide


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It is a time for you to develop friendships, hear uplifting messages, gain new insights, participate in service, strengthen your career, enjoy time with friends, and gather with women like you.

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Your Retreat Host Kristi Jackson, MBA

I’ve had the fortune and luck to work with entrepreneurs all over the world, in Monaco, Nigeria, Ghana, London, and the United States. For this retreat, I endeavor to work very closely with just a few ambitious women entrepreneurs who want my hands-on business guidance. From 8+ years of Global Business Consulting, I’ve learned that there is only so much that we do online, or in a quick session. I want you deeply submerged in an action-oriented environment, to feed off the energy and ideas within a think-tank, ALL while experiencing the luxuries of Johannesburg.

I’ve created a few surprises, one of them being the Gift Bag that you will receive once you enter your room… I’m pretty excited of how you will experience the items in your bag. I’ve included some experiences and excursions that I know you, as a busy woman back home, simply may not get a chance to do. Of course we are going to the spa, and have plenty of champagne, and intimate fire pit chats about things that don’t normally come up in daily discussions. But we will also have some intense business trainings individually and within a group. I want to do 2 things- I can’t bring you ALL the way to South Africa, just to work, I need you to fully relax, but I also can’t have you face-to-face and not give you strategies and guided lessons to improve your business and your life. I will do both.

If we’ve just met, do see my short bio below. If you’d like to ask us a questions, please email {}

Kristi’s BIO

White house recognized and awarded entrepreneur launches 30 city Global Power Tour - A business conference for women entrepreneurs to help them get laser focused on their business’ branding, strategy and funding.

Founder, Kristi L. Jackson, is a business strategist, and lead consultant for women CEO project and launched the Global Power Tour as a way to directly engaged women globally with the same business acumen, Lessons, and Tenacity that has helped her to build this company into a seven figure business within seven years.