Global Power Tour & Retreat -  Kristi Jackson, Founder

Global Power Tour & Retreat - Kristi Jackson, Founder


I’ve had the fortune to consult some businesses in Monaco, Ghana, Nigeria, London and all over the world. But, after 16 years in business and almost 9 of business consulting, I’ve learned that online can’t compare to direct, hands-on guidance from me. I wanted to create an experience for you. I simply could not ask you to fly all the way to beautiful Johannesburg without creating a luxurious and relaxing environment for you. I wanted to do 2 things: create an intense learning experience, leverage the power of group think and hot seat masterminding, all while providing you a much needed chance to connect deeply with other women entrepreneurs. Pop champagne, have decadent chef dinners, experience one of the top spas in Johannesburg, go on a group safari excursion, understand how your health is truly your wealth, then end with a full Global Power Tour Conference experience.

I’d love to have you with me. If we are just meeting, do see my bio below and you can click (here) to get a better feel for my women in business movement and if you have any questions, do email us at {}

Kristi L. Jackson, MBA Bio

White house recognized and awarded entrepreneur launches 30 city Global Power Tour - A business conference for women entrepreneurs to help them get laser focused on their business’ branding, strategy and funding.

Founder, Kristi L. Jackson, is a business strategist, and lead consultant for women CEO project and launched the Global Power Tour as a way to directly engaged women globally with the same business acumen, Lessons, and Tenacity that has helped her to build this company into a seven figure business within seven years.

Kristi is also the author of the master strategy planner and #52 questions journal and she can be found on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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