Retreat Activities

We can’t bring you ALL the way to Johannesburg without making you relax! On this Retreat, you will not only work on your business, you will have a bit of fun too! All listed activities are INCLUDED within your ticket price.


Guided Safari Excursion

Don’t worry-we’ll all be together. I couldn’t bring you all the way to Johannesburg, without us going to an adventure together. We will be safely guided on a beautiful safari tour and see some of the wildlife up close and personal!


Yoga & Stretching

We can’t only focus on the business without paying attention to our health. It was my goal to make sure we addressed the self-care side of our lives and understand how it affects our businesses. As such, we will start one more with an outside stretch and instructor guided yoga session.


Spa Day

We can’t have a retreat without the luxuries of a spa experience. Your ticket pays for a full spa service and tip at one of the TOP spas in Johannesburg. I’ve personally been to this spa twice and they simply don’t disappoint!


Masterminding & Brainstorming

One full day is dedicated to your business. We will mastermind and brainstorm strategies, best practices, and have a guided group coaching session hosted by your lovely global business strategist, Kristi.


Private Chef Dinner

Opening night of the retreat we will definitely have a treat! I’ve secured a pretty special chef who will prepare a decadent multi-course meal while we unwind from our flights, connect and discuss men, money and massive global movements!


VIP Ticket to Global Power Tour

Did you know that your ticket ALSO pays for you to have a VIP experience to our 30-City Global Power Tour? You will experience the ALWAYS beautiful and upscale champagne enthused all white VIP night on Friday evening, and also the day of conference on the following Saturday. Between the conference AND our group coaching day, your business will DEFINITELY be touched!